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Table 4 Coding frequencies for most prevalent themes and exemplifying quotations regarding which text messages participants (n = 80) felt were the most useful in feeding their infant

From: Acceptability of a text message-based intervention for obesity prevention in infants from Hawai‘i and Puerto Rico WIC

Prevalent themes and coding frequencies Explanation of theme Exemplifying quotation
Most-feeding knowledge (HI = 9, PR = 6) Messages informed or reminded participant of feeding facts and tips. “Choosing formula with iron was helpful because I didn’t really know much about iron.”
Most-breastfeeding knowledge (HI = 3, PR = 12) Messages informed or reminded participant of breastfeeding facts and tips. “Now I have an 8-year-old son and these are things (about breastfeeding) I never knew.”
Most-all (HI = 6, PR = 8) All messages were found useful. “Yes, all the information was useful and I replied back to some of them.”
Most-breastfeeding technique (HI = 7, PR = 7) Participant gained knowledge of techniques such as proper positioning, pain management, and milk production. “I always had a hard time breastfeeding, especially getting baby latched on. So this message was a good reminder for latching.”
Most-breastfeeding signs (HI = 7, PR = 3) Messages informed participant of hunger signs that indicate when to breastfeed. “I thought in the beginning that crying meant he was hungry, so we wasted a lot of milk trying to feed him when he wasn’t hungry.”
Most-feeding application (HI = 8, PR = 1) Messages helped participant apply proper feeding techniques and information, such as counting diapers and offering foods with a spoon. “I used spoon to feed and watched baby’s behavior to new foods like when she goes to rice cereal and opens her mouth.”
  1. Note: HI Hawai‘i, PR Puerto Rico