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Table 1 Percentage of respondents ever married age 15-24given birth in last 5 years who ever reported sexual violence by their current husband and unintended pregnancy

From: Sexual violence as a predictor of unintended pregnancy among married young women: evidence from the 2016 Nepal demographic and health survey

Characteristics n = 560 % (95% CI)
Sexual violence 51 9.0 (6.3–12.8)
 Physically forced her to have sexual intercourse with him when she did not want to 49 8.6 (6.0–12.5)
 Physically forced her to perform any other sexual acts she did not want to 17 3.1 (1.78–5.2)
 Forced her with threats or in any other way to perform sexual acts she did not want to 27 4.9 (3.0–7.8)
Unintended pregnancy (last birth) 127 22.7 (18.8–27.1)