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Table 1 Overview of core sessions for the Getting in Balance intervention: The GLOW trial

From: Gestational weight gain and optimal wellness (GLOW): rationale and methods for a randomized controlled trial of a lifestyle intervention among pregnant women with overweight or obesity

Session title Topic Modality (duration)
1. Welcome to Getting in Balance ▪ Introduction to intervention goals ▪ Demonstration and instruction on how to self-monitor weight and dietary intake In-person (60 min)
2. Getting Started with Healthy Eating ▪ Diet quality; portion sizes ▪ General guidance on goal setting ▪ Set initial calorie goal Telephone (~ 20 min)
3. Getting Started with Physical Activity ▪ Safety and benefits of physical activity during pregnancy
4. Track Down Fat ▪ Types of dietary fat ▪ Moderating total fat and saturated/trans fat intake
5. Manage Stress ▪ Sources of stress ▪ Coping and relaxation skills
6. Exercise Your Options ▪ Maintaining and increasing physical activity ▪ Physical activity intensity during pregnancy
7. Celebrate Your Success ▪ Highlighting progress made to date ▪ Dietary strategies for weight management
8. Healthy Eating Out ▪ Behavioral and dietary strategies for eating well at restaurants
9. Handle Challenging Feelings and Triggers ▪ Problem solving challenging situations ▪ Prompts and cues; stimulus control
10. Staying on Track During Social Activities ▪ Social support ▪ Behavioral strategies for eating in social settings
11. Turn Setbacks into Success ▪ Relapse prevention
12. Talk Back to Negative Thoughts ▪ Cognitive distortions ▪ Cognitive reframing
13. Stay Motivated ▪ Highlighting progress made to date ▪ Planning for continued progress in last trimester In-person (60 min)