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Table 2 Key elements of women’s fear of childbirth

From: Establishing a valid construct of fear of childbirth: findings from in-depth interviews with women and midwives

  Element Source
1 Fear of not knowing and not being able to plan for the unpredictable W, CM, MS
2 Fear of not having a voice in decision making W, CM, MS
3 Fear of harm or stress to the baby W, CM, MS
4 Fear of inability to cope with pain W, CM, MS
5 Body’s ability to give birth W, MS
6 Fear of harm to self in labour and postnatally W, CM, MS
7 Fear of being ‘done to’ W, CM
8 Fear of being abandoned/alone W, CM, MS
9 Fear of internal loss of control CM, MS
10 Terrified of birth and not knowing why CM, MS
  1. Note. W: interviews with women; CM: interviews with consultant midwives; MS: meta-synthesis