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Table 5 Relation between the location of the placenta and the mean difference between 2D and 3D TVS EOD measurements

From: Towards more accurate measurement of edge to os distance in low-lying placenta using three dimensional transvaginal ultrasound: an innovative technique

Placental location Mean difference (2D-3D estimate) One way ANOVA Games- Howel Post Hoc test
Anterior 1 mm 0.001 1
Anterior to the right 5.3 mm 0.028
Anterior to the left 4.7 mm 0.250
Posterior 0.7 mm 1
Posterior to the right 7.3 mm 0.073
Posterior to the left 4.3 mm 0.137
Right 13.4 mm 0.005
Left 14.4 mm 0.387