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Table 3 Duration of labour and hospital stay in caseload midwifery and standard care

From: Labour outcomes in caseload midwifery and standard care: a register-based cohort study

  Caseload midwifery n = 2679 Standard care n = 10,436   
Mean (SD) n Mean (SD) n Crude mean diff. (95% CI) Adj.a mean diff. (95% CI)
Duration of labour (minutes) 500 (401) 2338 554 (416) 9251 −55 (−74;-37) −28 (−45;-10)
Duration of hospital stay after birth (hours) 48.3 (49.1) 2454 53.3 (53.0) 9641 −5.0 (−7.2;-2.8) −1.5 (−3.2;0.2)
  1. aAdjusted for maternal age, parity, maternal pre-pregnancy BMI, birth weight, smoking habits, need for interpreter, maternity unit, and birth year. We also controlled for Pre-pregnancy risks which included: previous IUGR, saesarean sections, and preterm births. And complications during pregnancy which included: malformations; alcohol or drug abuse; IVF; primiparous< 20; preeclampsia; hypertension; diabetes; premature contractions < 37 weeks of gestation; vaginal bleeding < 37 weeks of gestation; placental abnormalities; uterine abnormalities, and blood type incompatibilities (Rh, ABO, platelets, hydrops foetalis, and other kinds of blood type incompatibilities)