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Table 2 Domains, categories, themes, and sub-themes from interviews and focus groups with Malawian women after a poor obstetric outcome

From: Influences on birth spacing intentions and desired interventions among women who have experienced a poor obstetric outcome in Lilongwe Malawi: a qualitative study

Domain Theme Sub-theme
Birth spacing plans and influences a. Biological 1) Role of the incident pregnancy and number of living children
  2) Return to fertility: correct and incorrect knowledge
  3) Gaining strength after birth
  4) Influence of delivery experience/maternal health
  5) Replacing the deceased child
b. Social 1) Care for existing children/preparing for next child
  2) Husband’s desires/Concerns about marital conflict
  3) Influence of family/friends
Acceptable educational interventions to promote birth spacing a. Personal experience with birth spacing education  
b. Recommendations for birth spacing interventions 1) Timing of birth spacing intervention
  2) Location of birth spacing intervention
  3) Providers of birth spacing intervention
  4) Group or individual sessions
  5) Involving men in birth spacing intervention