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Table 1 Shows the example of FDG analysis

From: Midwives’ perceptions on using a fetoscope and Doppler for fetal heart rate assessments during labor: a qualitative study in rural Tanzania

FGD quote Initial coding Final code Theme
(FGD5. R4). When I am in hurry and I use Pinard to monitor fetal heart rate, there is a risk of not counting beats correctly [Mmh]
Sometime when I am in hurry, I fail to count them correctly and identify if they are abnormal. It is difficult to discover it quickly with Pinard. But with Doppler, it displays the measurements quickly. It is easy to see the heart rate if they are low or high and I can repeat auscultation. But with Pinard, I can’t easily repeat. [Mmh] Pinard is difficult to use in a busy ward
∙ Human error in counting
∙ Possibility of missing abnormality
∙ Can’t display measurement
Pinard measurements are subjective Reliability of measurements
∙ Doppler displays measurements
∙ Possibility of reproducing measurements
Doppler measurements are objective