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Table 4 Quality appraisal using CASP checklist for case-control studies

From: A systematic review of non-antibiotic measures for the prevention of urinary tract infections in pregnancy

CASP case-control study checklist
  Amiri et al. 2009 [25]
Did the study address a clearly focused issue? Yes
Did the authors use an appropriate method to answer their question? Yes
Were the cases recruited in an acceptable way? Yes
Were the controls selected in an acceptable way? Yes
Was the exposure accurately measured to minimise bias? Yes (but questionnaire completed by midwives)
Have the authors taken account of the potential confounding factors in the design and/or in their analysis? Yes
Were the results and risk estimate precise? Yes
Do you believe the results? Yes
Can the results be applied to the local population? Yes
Do the results of this study fit with other available evidence? Yes