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Table 1 Components of low-dose, high-frequency approach. Lists the eight components that comprised the low-dose, high-frequency approach

From: Accelerating newborn survival in Ghana through a low-dose, high-frequency health worker training approach: a cluster randomized trial

 • Two 4-day low-dose sessions (for facility skilled birth attendants)
 • 1-day peer practice coordinator training after first low-dose session
 • High-frequency practice sessions using MamaNatalie® and NeoNatalie™ anatomic models
 • mMentoring with SMS reminder messages and quizzes
 • Mentoring calls between master mentors and peer practice coordinators, and between project staff and master mentors
 • Health information officer training
 • Data collection and use training
 • Supply of simulators, newborn resuscitation equipment, and delivery sets provided at first low-dose training session