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Table 1 AAAQ Framework

From: Barriers to and strategies for addressing the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of the sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health workforce: addressing the post-2015 agenda

1.1. Availability
 • Strategic intelligence on the health workforce
 • Policy, regulatory and fiscal environments
 • Education, training and professional support
 • Financing supply
 • Bilateral, multilateral and regional partnerships
1.2. Accessibility
 • Geographical, temporal and financial barriers to access
 • Stewardship, management and equitable deployment
 • Referral across health services
 • Equitable access for vulnerable groups
 • Retaining health workers
1.3. Acceptability
 • Increasing population demand for services
 • Workforce skill-mix, competencies, socio-cultural needs
 • Responsiveness to population-specific needs
 • Oversight and accountability
1.4. Quality
 • Patients’ interests
 • Standards, accreditation, regulation
 • Linking professional, community and consumer organizations
 • Managing patient risk
 • Workforce management, performance and monitoring systems