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Table 1 Clinical Outcome Measures and their respective definitions

From: Saving babies’ lives project impact and results evaluation (SPiRE): a mixed methodology study

Clinical Outcomes Measurement Definition
Primary Outcome Stillbirth Rate The death of a baby before or during birth after 24 weeks of gestation [24] expressed as a proportion of live births.
Secondary Outcomes Term, normally formed singleton stillbirths. Stillborn infants with no evidence of congenital anomaly
Preterm birth rate Births before 37 weeks
Gestation at birth  
Induction of labour rate Proportion of women with induction of labour (excluding women who have elective CS)
Rate of normal vaginal delivery Proportion of all births by normal vaginal delivery
Rate of instrumental vaginal delivery Proportion of all births by instrumental vaginal delivery
Rate of Caesarean section Proportion of babies born by Caesarean section (emergency + elective procedures)
Rate of Emergency Caesarean Section Proportion of births by emergency Caesarean section
Birthweight centile Calculated using GROW-Centile software
Rate of admission to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Proportion of babies admitted to NICU for any indication after delivery
Number of babies therapeutically cooled Proportion of babies receiving therapeutic cooling for hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy
Number of reported clinical incidents Number of clinical incidents (i.e. clinical events (massive obstetric haemorrhage) as opposed to non-clinical e.g. staff shortage) reported on hospitals incident reporting system.