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Table 3 Existence of protocols for the different aspects of prenatal counselling mentioned

From: Preferred prenatal counselling at the limits of viability: a survey among Dutch perinatal professionals

  % of perinatal professionals that do have a protocol
Preferred Current
The GA at which the obstetrician or gynecologist has to ask a neonatologist or pediatrician to provide prenatal counselling to the parents 98% 80% *
The professional who conducts the consultation with the parents 94% 76% *
The topics that should at least be discussed during prenatal counselling 85% 41% *
The minimal GA for offering intensive treatment at birth 98% 88% **
The GA (upper/lower limit) at which the parents’ opinion can be decisive in whether or not to initiate intensive treatment at birth 84% 60% *
  1. * p < 0.01 ** p = <0.05 (McNemar) comparing preferred and current practices