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Table 1 Definition of social network terms

From: Structural and functional network characteristics and facility delivery among women in rural Ghana

Social network terms Definitions
Network structure Properties of the relationship among members within a network
Network Size Number of members in a network
Frequency How often an individual comes in contact with his/her network members
Proximity How close network members live to a focal person
Network function Resources exchanged among individuals in a network, such as social support and social influence
Social support Different kinds of support provided and received by members within a network
Instrumental support Aid/assistance provided by network members
Emotional support Empathy, care, and understanding provided by network members
Information Advice/ suggestions received from network members
Social influence Shared norms and behaviors that impact one’s attitudes and behaviors
Injunctive norms Perceptions of acceptable behaviors by network members. Members tend to be influenced by and adhere to such behaviors in order to avoid social sanctioning
Descriptive norms Perceptions of common behaviors among network members. Individuals tend to adopt behaviors they believe to be normative among their network members.