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Table 3 Key features of Maternal, Charlson and Elixhauser comorbidity indices

From: Measurement properties of comorbidity indices in maternal health research: a systematic review

  Maternal Comorbidity Index Charlson Comorbidity Index Elixhauser Comorbidity Index
 Item generation Based on clinical relevance and literature, but no consensus method applied No input from previous index, and no consensus method applied Based on review of published studies, but no consensus method applied
 Item reduction Odds ratio and p-value from statistical model applied Adjusted relative risk from statistical model applied, but no clinical relevance for pregnant population A series of univariable and multivariable regression models
 Item weighting Weights of coefficients from statistical model used Weights of coefficients from statistical model used No weighting
 Purpose Predict end-organ injury or death during the delivery hospitalization to 30 days Predict 1-year mortality In-hospital mortality
 Population Women who delivered in hospital General medical patients Adult, non-maternal inpatients
 Setting Hospitals in U.S. Medical ward in a hospital Hospitals in California
 Face validity Exists Exists Exists
 Content validity Reasonable Challenging Reasonable
 Feasibility No study Marked training required No study
Reliability Not studied Excellent in general
No maternal studies
Not studied
Criterion validity
 Concurrent validity Not studied No maternal studies No maternal studies