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Table 1 CenteringPregnancy group prenatal care (GPNC) curriculum outline

From: Centering and Racial Disparities (CRADLE study): rationale and design of a randomized controlled trial of centeringpregnancy and birth outcomes

1 12–16 weeks Prenatal testing, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices Exercise
2 16–20 weeks Body changes in pregnancy, common discomforts, oral health
3 20–24 weeks Relaxation and stress reduction, breastfeeding Gestational diabetes
4 24–28 weeks Family relationships, violence and abuse, family planning, preterm labor Breastfeeding
5 26–30 weeks Labor, birth facility Stress management/relaxation
6 28–32 weeks The birth experience
7 30–34 weeks Newborn care
8 32–36 weeks Pregnancy to parenting transition, postpartum emotions, kick counts Nutrition
9 34–38 weeks Newborn safety, putting it all together Preterm labor
10 36–40 weeks Newborn care, growth and development, home and family changes