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Table 3 Sensitivity analyses of per participant costs between brief advice and integrated motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapy

From: Economic evaluation of a behavioral intervention versus brief advice for substance use treatment in pregnant women: results from a randomized controlled trial

  Brief Advice MET-CBT P value
Analysis Median (Interquartile Range) Median (Interquartile Range)
Base case analysis $27,831 ($19,694-$48,273) $26,993 ($21,240-$45,289) 0.90
Limiting to singleton births $27,537 ($19,354-$45,131) $26,817 ($21,070-$44,172) 0.82
Including participants with missing data (via imputation) $27,537 ($18,891-$47,519) $26,314 ($20,538-$43,914) 0.97
  1. MET-CBT motivational enhancement therapy with cognitive behavioral therapy