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Table 4 Human resources

From: A realist review of the partograph: when and how does it work for labour monitoring?

Question No of studies Evidence synthesis Quality
Is there sufficient availability of personnel to enable effective partograph use? n = 9 Staff shortages and a heavy workload appear to negatively impact partograph use.
Some health workers find the partograph time-consuming to complete.
The was some evidence to suggest the partograph is completed in retrospect
The partograph can successfully be completed by non-professional cadres.
**Low [23, 25, 33, 43, 48]
*Low [29, 30, 32, 49]
What supervision and mentoring of staff is required? n = 3, plus 1 audit Supervision may have a positive influence on partograph completion and use.
Audit and feedback of findings to staff may improve completion rates and quality of completion.
**Low [23]
*V low [28, 37, 50]