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Table 1 Summary of study visits

From: Rationale and design of SuPPoRT: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial to compare three treatments: cervical cerclage, cervical pessary and vaginal progesterone, for the prevention of preterm birth in women who develop a short cervix

Procedure Screening & randomisation
14+0-23+6 weeks gestation
Intervention (day 0)
14+0-23+6 weeks gestation
Baseline visit (day)
1–4 weeks after procedure
Follow up visits
(if clinically indicated)
Final visit
34+0-38+6 weeks’ gestation
Note review (no visit required)
Visit window (± days) −7 to 0 days Day 0 7-28 days Approximately
2–4 weekly
3 Discharge from Hospital or 28 days postnatal
Informed consent      
Medical history and concomitant medications   Optional  
Transvaginal ultrasound Scan   Optional   
Biological sample collection Optional   Optional Optional   
Adverse events (AEs) changes to interventions    As needed
Count of un-used medication       
Pessary/Cerclage removal