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Table 4 Final model using multiple linear regression for improved Mean maximal grip strength held for 10 s at 10-month follow-up (time II). Unstandardized B with 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) (N = 71)

From: Long-term adherence and effects on grip strength and upper leg performance of prescribed supplemental vitamin D in pregnant and recently pregnant women of Somali and Swedish birth with 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency: a before-and-after treatment study

  B p-value 95% CI for B
Lower Upper
Total tablet intake .067 0.027 .008 .127
Change in 25-OHD -.338 0.092 –.733 .056
Height .060 0.036 .157 3.966
  1. Adjusted R2 0.100. Variables entered in the first model: age, height, country of birth, total tablet intake, 25(OH)D change and physical activity change