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Table 1 Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) estimates for Mangochi District obtained via a Reproductive Age Mortality Survey (RAMOS) and using different estimates of the number of live births

From: Measuring maternal mortality using a Reproductive Age Mortality Study (RAMOS)

Source Number of maternal deaths Estimated number of live births MMR: Number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births 95 % confidence interval
Number of BCG vaccinated babies (Ministry of Health, [12]) 151 41,623 363 307-425
Live births from census report, 2008 (Malawi National Statistics Office, [9]) 151 43,000 351 297-412
Live births calculated from the General Fertility Ratea (Malawi National Statistics Office, [4]) 151 44,276 341 289-400
  1. aThe general fertility rate is 213 for rural Malawi (Malawi National Statistics Office, [4])