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Table 1 Key words and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) used in literature search

From: Perinatal health care services for imprisoned pregnant women and associated outcomes: a systematic review

Population Intervention
MeSH terms: MeSH terms:
Pregnancy Prison
Pregnancy outcome Prisoner
Pregnant women  
Pregnancy complications Free text words:
Prenatal care Prison*
Perinatal care Gaol*
Postnatal care Jail*
Neonatal care Incarcerat*
Birth/Delivery/Childbirth/Parturition Imprison*
Postpartum period/puerperium Penal
Free text words: Correctional facilit*
Pregnan* Correctional institution*
Antenatal Justice facilit*
Prenatal Justice institution*
Perinatal Inmate*
Birth* Detain*
Parturition* Detention*
Childbirth* Offend*
  1. *The search will retrieve variations on the word stem preceding