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Table 2 Quality assessment tool – Modified Newcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS)

From: The prevalence of women’s emotional and physical health problems following a postpartum haemorrhage: a systematic review

Modified Newcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS) Quality Assessment Tool – Modified Newcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Representativeness of the exposed cohort (postpartum women) Do the authors provide a definition of PPH? Ascertainment of exposure Assessment of outcome Was the follow-up long enough for outcome to occur? (From birth up to 12 months postpartum or postnatal period defined) Adequacy of follow-up If necessary and/or appropriate provide details explaining decision on adequacy of follow-up How many stars (a) does this paper receive? Based on the overall quality, do you wish to include this paper?
  Truly representativea Yesa Secure recorda Independent blind assessmenta Yesa Complete follow-upa   = Yes, include
  Somewhat representativea No Record linkage/Questionnaire a Record linkage/Questionnairea No Subjects lost to follow-up <20 %a No = Exclude
  Selected group of users   Descriptive written self-report Descriptive self-report   Subjects lost to follow-up >20 % An overall rating of 3 or less implies weak quality and should be excluded
  No clear description   No description No description   No statement
Not applicablea
  1. aOne star awarded