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Table 2 List of participant organizations

From: A common monitoring framework for ending preventable maternal mortality, 2015–2030: phase I of a multi-step process

Organization Department, Location Specialty Phase of process
EPMM core group Steering committee Virtual 1 Virtual 2 In-person meeting Written comments Invited, unable to participate
UN agencies
 UNFPA MN Technical Division Programs, M&E, Clinical X   X X X   
 UNICEF Division of Data, Research and Policy Epidemiology, Research        
 World Health Organization MCA, RHR Epidemiology, M&E, Clinical X X X X X   
 Averting Maternal Death and Disability Program (AMDD)a Columbia University SPH Research, Programs, M&E   X X X X   
 Family Care Internationalb   Advocacy, Programs     X    X
 ICF Macroc Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) MH Measurement      X   
 Improving Coverage Measurementd JHU, Institute for International Programs Epidemiology, Research      X X  
 Maternal and Child Survival Programe Jhpiego M&E, Research, Program, Policy, Clinical X X X X X   
 Maternal Health Task Forcef Harvard, SPH , Advocacy, Clinical X X X X X   
 MEASURE Evaluationg University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill M&E, Programs    X   X   
 Population Councilh   Evaluation and Research, Programs      X   
 White Ribbon Alliancei   Advocacy      X   
Universities, Research Institutes
 icddr,b Dhaka, Bangladesh Research, Surveillance, Programs, Clinical     X X   
 Ifakara Health Institute Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Research, Surveillance, Programs, Clinical      X   
 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD, USA Research        X
 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London, UK Research       X  
 Makerere University Kampala, Uganda Research, Surveillance, Programs, Clinical        X
 University of Aberdeen Scotland Research        X
 University of Heidelberg   Research Programs      X X  
 University of Ouagadougou Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Research, Programs, Clinical      X   
 University of Southampton Southampton, UK Research      X X  
Ministries of Heatlh
 Department of Health, South Africa   Policy, Programs, M&E, Clinical      X   
 Ministry of Health, Kenya   Policy, Programs, M&E, Clinical        X
 Ministry of Health, Nigeria   Policy, Programs, M&E, Clinical        X
 Ethiopia   Research, M&E      X   
 Ghana   Clinical, Programs, Research      X   
 Kazakhstan   Clinical, Research maternal death and response        X
 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA USA Clinical, M&E, Research       X X
 Children’s Investment Fund Foundation London, UK M&E, Research        X
 US Agency for International Development Washington, DC USA Programs, M&E, Research, Clinical X X X X X   
  1. Note: The “Clinical” specialty refers to OB/GYN, general practitioners, midwives, and other medical professions; M&E refers to monitoring and evaluation
  2. aAMDD:
  3. bFCI:
  4. cDHS:
  5. dICM:
  6. eMCSP:
  7. fMHTF:
  8. gMEASURE:
  9. hPopCouncil:
  10. iWRA: