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Table 6 Observed disrespect and abuse

From: The prevalence of disrespect and abuse during facility-based childbirth in urban Tanzania

Type of disrespect and abuse observed Incidence N = 197
n (%)
Physical abuse
Episiotomy performed without anesthesia given (n = 17) 9(5)
Non-consented care
Lack of consent for first examination in antenatal ward 166(84)
Lack of consent for vaginal examination in antenatal ward 160(81)
Non-confidential care
Mother’s history taking findings shared when others could hear 37(19)
Lack of privacy
No partitions separating beds in antenatal ward 10(5)
Partitions do not give privacy in antenatal ward 50(25)
Mother not covered during examination in antenatal ward 46(23)
Mother not covered while being moved from antenatal ward to delivery room 27(14)
Mother not covered during delivery 115(58)
Partitions not closed during delivery 53(27)
Mother not well covered after third stage of labor 23(12)
Mother not given a bed to herself in post-natal ward 166(84)
No partitions/curtains between beds in post-natal ward 167(85)
No partition/curtain during post-natal examination, if done (n = 19) 9(50)
Mother not covered during post-natal examination, if done (n = 19) 9(50)
Non-dignified care
Mother not welcomed in a kind and gentle manner 50(26)
Use of non-dignified language during history taking 9(5)
Use of harsh tone or shouting during history taking 13(62)
Bed in post-natal ward not clean 122(67)
Bed in post-natal ward not covered with a bed sheet 180(91)