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Table 1 Categories of disrespect and abuse [7]

From: The prevalence of disrespect and abuse during facility-based childbirth in urban Tanzania

Category of Disrespect and Abuse Sub-components measured
Physical abuse Kicked, pinched, slapped, episiotomy without anesthesia, pushed, raped, other
Non-dignified care Shouted at, scolded, threatened to withhold services, laughed at or scorned, other
Non-consented care Tubal ligation, hysterectomy, abdominal palpation, vaginal examination, episiotomy, other
Non-confidential care HIV status shown to others, other health information shown to others, HIV status shown to non-health staff, health information discussed with non-health staff, personal issues discussed in earshot of others, other
Lack of privacy Uncovered during delivery or examination, no screens blocking view during delivery or examination
Abandonment While in labor, while delivering, while experiencing a complication, after delivery, other
Detention Any