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Table 5 Online focus group topic guide

From: Opinions of maternity care professionals and other stakeholders about integration of maternity care: a qualitative study in the Netherlands

Day Topic
1 Reason for integrated care in the region. Most important changes in the region.
• Facilitators and inhibitors
Initiator of project
Collaboration midwives, obstetricians and hospital
2 Changes in care.
• Changes that have been successful
• Delegation of tasks
• Organisation of care
3 Experience of integrated care
• Facilitators/inhibitors integrated care
Experience of clients
• (Dis) advantages
Role of clients
5 Responsibilities and competencies of professionals
• Qualifications of professionals
6 Requirements for integrated care
• Personal support
Additional resources
7 Implementation of integrated care
• Facilitators and inhibitors
• Role of professional organisations
• Role of insurance companies
Additional points