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Table 2 Theme, categories and their subcategories

From: Two sides of the same coin – an interview study of Swedish obstetricians’ experiences using ultrasound in pregnancy management

Theme Category Subcategory
Two sides of the same coin I. Ultrasound is essential and also demanding A most valuable tool that is much relied on
Raised expectations and demands on the obstetricians’ operational and counselling skills
Women’s autonomy need to be guarded
II: A woman’s health interest is prioritised in theory, but not always in practice The woman’s health should be our first priority
The fetus becomes a person/patient via the ultrasound screen
Pregnant women may suffer for the sake of the fetus
III. Ultrasound is rewarding but may cause unwarranted anxiety Rewarding both to obstetricians as well as the expectant parents
Ultrasound may also cause unwarranted anxiety