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Table 1 Summary of the study activities including follow up visits and sampling

From: Prevention of bacterial infections in the newborn by pre-delivery administration of azithromycin: Study protocol of a randomized efficacy trial

Visit number Pre-intervention Post-intervention
  Day 0 (delivery) Day 0 (delivery) Day 1 to 6 Week 1 (days 8–10) Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 to 8
Window period --- ---- 1 day Day 6 to 13 −2/+4 days −3/+3 days −3/+3 days −3/+3 days
Health Centre visit X X   X     
Home follow-up visits    X   X X X X
Informed consent X        
Review inclusion/exclusion criteria X        
Adverse events X X X X X X X X
NPS mother X   Xa   X   X  
NPS newborn   X Xa   X   X  
Breast milk sample    Xa   X   X  
Vaginal swab X    X     
  1. aOnly days 3 and 6