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Table 1 Key search terms

From: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials on the effectiveness of exercise programs on Lumbo Pelvic Pain among postnatal women

1 postpartum women OR “postnatal women” OR “after delivery” OR “postpartum period” OR “postpartum females” OR “birth” OR “after birth” OR “natal” OR “perinatal” OR “puerperium” Population
2 exercise OR “postpartum exercise” OR “postnatal exercise” OR “postpartum training” OR “postpartum practices” OR “abdominal training” OR “exercise prescription” OR “abdominal training “OR “female athlete” OR “physical activities” OR “physical fitness” Interventions
4 back pain OR “backache” OR “low back pain “OR “lower back pain “OR “upper back pain” OR “high back pain” OR “anterior pelvic pain” OR “posterior pelvic pain” OR “buttocks pain” OR “pelvic pain” OR “symphysis pain” OR “sacroiliac joint pain” OR “pelvic girdle pain” OR “lumbar pelvic pain” OR “lumbosacral pain” OR “lumbar pain” OR “postpartum-related LBP” OR “self management of LBP” OR “vertebrogenic pain” Outcome
5 core muscles OR “trunk muscles” OR “core stabilisation” OR “transverses abdominis” OR “lumbar multifidus” OR “musculoskeletal” OR “musculoskeletal conditions” OR “musculoskeletal disorders”  
6 physical endurance OR “endurance” OR “core muscle strength”  
7 1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND 5 AND 6