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Table 4 Summary of violations of the Respectful Maternity Care Charter as reported in observer comments, by article of the Charter

From: Direct observation of respectful maternity care in five countries: a cross-sectional study of health facilities in East and Southern Africa

Respectful maternity care rights Observations with a violation Number of violations
Article 1. Right to be free from harm and ill treatment 18 21
Article 2. Right to information, informed consent and refusal, and respect for her choices and preferences 18 18
Article 3. Right to privacy and confidentiality 8 8
Article 4. Right to be treated with dignity and respect 7 7
Article 5. Right to equality, freedom from discrimination, and equitable care 9 9
Article 6. Right to healthcare and to the highest attainable level of health 83 88
Article 7. Right to liberty, autonomy, self-determination, and freedom from coercion 0 0
Total all rights 133a 151
  1. a Total does not equal sum of number of observations for individual rights because some observations had multiple violations