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Table 1 Differences and similarities between the 2007 and 2012 national health facility assessments

From: The triple threat of pregnancy, HIV infection and malaria: reported causes of maternal mortality in two nationwide health facility assessments in Mozambique, 2007 and 2012

  2007–08 2012
Scope National National
Sampling All hospitals and health centers in district capitals; 40 % stratified systematic random sample of lower level health centers and posts; sampling frame restricted to facilities that had attended at least one delivery in the last year n = 450 Census of all facilities that had attended at least one delivery in the last year n = 946
Weighting Data required probability weighting to account for sampling at lower level health centers and posts and adjusted for non-response Self-weighting
Data collectors Range of health professionals Medical students from the University of Eduardo Mondlane
Questionnaires Paper draws from 3 of 17 questionnaires: 1) summary of service statistics for each facility, 2) maternal death reviews, 3) inventory of infrastructure, equipment, supplies and drugs for maternal and neonatal health Paper draws from 2 of 6 questionnaires (similar to those used in 2007–08): 1) summary of service statistics, 2) inventory of infrastructure, equipment, supplies and drugs. These were adapted from AMDD tools [30]. Maternal death reviews were not administered.
Primary sources of data Information on maternal deaths was collected from maternity, postpartum and gynecology logbooks, operating theatre, discharge and morgue registers, maternal death reviews/audits. Data collectors also asked staff for other facility-specific sources of information on maternal deaths. Information on institutional deliveries was collected from the relevant subset of registers. The use of monthly summaries of events (births or deaths) was discouraged due to concerns for accuracy. Same as 2007–08
Service statistics reference period and number of events 12 months (November 2006—October 2007). The number of unweighted maternal deaths was 2,199, unweighted institutional deliveries = 312,537. 3 months (August-October 2012). Number of maternal deaths = 459, institutional deliveries = 161,986.
Overall data collection period November 2007-January 2008 November-December 2012
Mozambique IRB approval and privacy safeguards National Committee for Bioethics in Health IRB 00002657, Ministry of Health of Mozambique. All patient data were de-identified and analyzed in the aggregate; no names were collected. Department of Reproductive, Child and Adolescent Health, within the Mozambique Ministry of Health’s National Directorate for the Promotion of Health and Disease Control. Like 2007, no names or identifying characteristics of patients were collected.