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Table 1 Keywords used in literature search (in various combinations for different databases)

From: Determinants of women’s satisfaction with maternal health care: a review of literature from developing countries

Keywords Associated search terms
1 . Maternity status: maternal OR mother OR woman OR pregnant OR “Pregnancy”[Mesh] OR “Maternal Health Services”[Mesh] AND (antenatal OR prenatal OR intrapartum OR childbirth OR delivery OR birthing OR postnatal OR postpartum)
2. Perception: perception OR opinion OR view OR knowledge
3.Maternal Satisfaction: satisfaction OR dignity OR autonomy OR confidentiality OR prompt attention OR care OR support OR amenities AND experience OR assessment
4.Location: “developing country” OR “developing countries” OR “middle income” OR “low income” OR “third world” OR poverty OR “resource poor” OR “poor country” OR “poor countries” OR “Developing Countries”[Mesh] OR “Poverty” OR “India”[Mesh]