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Table 2 Variables considered in the analysis

From: Determinants of delays in travelling to an emergency obstetric care facility in Herat, Afghanistan: an analysis of cross-sectional survey data and spatial modelling

1. Referral 2. Social class hierarchy 3. Relational factors 4. Environmental factors 5. Obstetric factors 6. Transportation factors
No. health facilities before admission to CEmOC Asset-based socio-economic status Husband’s participation in community activities in last 12 months Season Complication type Transferred in an ambulance
  Husband’s occupation No. people the husband can rely on to borrow a small amount of money from Urban/rural Antenatal care utilization Community usually has a vehicle
  Husband’s education No. people the husband can rely on in long-term emergency   Parity Reported difficulty obtaining a vehicle
   Family type (nuclear vs. extended family)    
   Woman’s birth family lives nearby