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Table 17 Research gaps for care before and during pregnancy to reduce stillbirths

From: Reducing stillbirths: behavioural and nutritional interventions before and during pregnancy

Pilot/cohort studies of interventions
   • Trials of alternative cooking technologies or cleaner fuels*
   • FGM (especially infibulation) vs. no FGM in non-facility-based births*
   • Birth spacing studies, including identification of behavioural/emotional factors after a loss leading to short subsequent IPIs.
Well-designed large RCTs of interventions powered to detect stillbirths
   • Effective nutritional interventions, particularly balanced protein-energy supplementation and multiple micronutrient supplementation*
   • ANC packages with clearly defined component interventions
   • Iron (or iron-folate) supplementation in iron-deficient populations
   • Peri-conceptional folic acid supplementation
   • Vitamin A in high-risk groups
  1. * Priority areas