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Table 2 Distribution of essential facilities in 2013 in the 10 HCs in Addis Ababa

From: Current evidence on basic emergency obstetric and newborn care services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; a cross sectional study

Health centre Partograph Water supply Generator Emergency lamp Telephone Ambulance Delivery logbook
Woreda 7 X
Bole 17 x
Woreda 9, NSLSC x x
Saris x
Teklehaymanot x X x
Kebena X
Meshualekiya x x
Shiromeda x x
Entoto 1 x x
Woreda 9, KKSC x
Total parcentage 100% 100% 40% 50% 100% 50% 100%
  1. NB: NSLSC stands for Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City, KKSC stands for Kolfe Keraniyo Sub City.