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Table 1 Data collection for SILC

From: Supporting breastfeeding In Local Communities (SILC): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Data collection time-point SILC-MCHN visit assessment SILC-MCHN visit Drop-in centre visit 4 month KAS visit 8 month KAS visit SILC postal survey IV close
Maternal data        
Date of birth X X      
Age     X   X  
Parity   X X X   X  
Health care card status     X   X  
Income level       X  
Aboriginal/Torres strait islander status     X   X  
Marital status       X  
Highest education attainment       X  
Smoking status (current and in pregnancy)       X  
Alcohol consumption (current)       X  
Maternal height and weight       X  
Employment status       X  
Country of birth     X   X  
Year arrived from overseas     X   X  
Residency status       X  
Current postcode of residence    X    X  
Breastfeeding intention       X  
Infant feeding support after hospital discharge       X  
Breastfeeding complications after hospital discharge       X  
Reasons for ceasing/not commencing breastfeeding       X  
Knowledge and use of community infant feeding services       X  
Paternal data        
Country of birth     X    
Birth data        
Method of birth     X   X  
Infant data        
Date of birth X X   X   X  
Gestational age at birth     X    
Infant age    X X X X  
Infant feeding ‘in the last 24 hours’ X X   X   X  
Infant feeding at three months of age     X    
Infant feeding at six months of age      X   
Infant age at breastfeeding cessation       X  
Infant age at introduction of infant formula       X  
Infant age at introduction of solids       X  
MCH centre data        
MCH centre postcode     X X   
Process evaluation data        
Number of women assessed, eligible for, received and declined SILC-MCHN visit X       
Length of SILC-MCHN visits   X      
Topics discussed, factsheets provided and website information provided during SILC-MCHN visits   X      
Reason(s) for visiting SILC drop-in centre    X     
First or subsequent visit to SILC drop-in centre    X     
SILC-MCHN data        
Evaluation of SILC trial via focus groups and surveys        X
MCH co-ordinator data        
Evaluation of SILC trial via interviews        X
  1. KAS= Key Ages and Stages visit, IV= intervention, MCH= Maternal and Child Health, SILC-MCHN= SILC Maternal and Child Health Nurse.