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Table 2 Data items collected for the study and source

From: The Welsh study of mothers and babies: protocol for a population-based cohort study to investigate the clinical significance of defined ultrasound findings of uncertain significance

Data item Source
Data collected specifically for this study
Name, date of birth, address, postcode Baseline questionnaire, RADIS2
NHS number
Employment status Baseline questionnaire
Smoking and alcohol use
Obstetric history
Weight RADIS2 or paper proforma
Presence or absence of the following markers:
Cardiac Echogenic Foci, Choroid Plexus Cyst, Echogenic Bowel, Mild Ventriculomegaly, Nuchal Thickening, Short Femur, Pelvicalyceal Dilatation
Routinely collected data
Pregnancy outcome, live birth, stillbirth, gestation at birth, birth weight, neonatal death, infant death NCCHD and AWPS
Presence of any structural abnormality, congenital malformation or cystic fibrosis CARIS
Cytogenetic information Cardiff and Vale Cytogenetic laboratory, CARIS
Down’s syndrome risk NHS Biochemistry laboratory