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Table 1 Demographics and mode of birth of women giving birth in NSW between 2000-2008

From: Risk of recurrence, subsequent mode of birth and morbidity for women who experienced severe perineal trauma in a first birth in New South Wales between 2000 –2008: a population based data linkage study

  All women
No of births 510,006
Age of women at delivery (Mean and SD) 29.7 (5.55)
% Primiparous 40.6%
Place of birth  
   Hospital 94.5%
   Birth Centre 3.30%
   Planned Birth Centre transferred to hospital 1.30%
   Planned Home Birth 0.20%
   Planned Home Birth transferred to Hospital 0.01%
   Born Before Arrival 0.60%
   Type of Birth  
   Normal Vaginal Delivery 85.3%
   Forceps 4.8%
   Ventouse 9.4%
   Vaginal Breech 0.6%
Country of Birth of Mother  
   Australia 71.6%
   New Zealand 2.6%
   England 2.2%
   Vietnam 2.2%
   China 2.1%
   Lebanon 2.1%
   Other 17.2%