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Table 3 Implementation challenges and solutions suggested by stakeholders in Uganda

From: Stakeholder analysis for a maternal and newborn health project in Eastern Uganda

Stakeholder Challenges Potential solutions
Community level stakeholders - Lack of follow up of clients - Strengthen supervision to ensure follow up of clients and effective use of funds
- Inadequate sensitization of beneficiaries - Sensitize communities/TBAs, women groups/men
- Poor quality health services (Lack of medicines, few health providers, rude nurses, unofficial payments for supplies), - More equipment and supplies in facilities and provide an ambulance or voucher for a taxi to take patients to higher levels
- Problems with referral transport and low male involvement - Extend voucher scheme to other sick people, rather than pregnant mothers alone
- Poor infrastructure - Male involvement e.g. through escorting their wives to facilities especially at night, and financial contribution
District level stakeholders -Sustainability of the intervention - Sensitize community through community leaders (to mobilize the men to take part in reproductive health care)
- Lack of required infrastructure, resources - Sensitize and build capacity for health workers to provide quality services in an integrated manner
– supplies, equipment and health workers - Add ambulance services to supplement the motorcyclists.
- Communities should contribute finances
National level stakeholders -Sustainability of the project - Have discussions with stakeholders (Members of Parliament/speaker/ministry of health, etc.) to promote implementation of project
- Lack of required infrastructure, resources - Implement through existing systems e.g. the VHT
– supplies, equipment and health workers - Conduct implementation research based on MOH strategic plan
- Paying transporters enough - Collaboration with developmental partners, line
money so that they continue their work actively ministries and local council members to improve the infrastructure
- Regular meetings between project implementers and other stakeholders