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Table 1 Definitions

From: Misoprostol for postpartum hemorrhage prevention at home birth: an integrative review of global implementation experience to date

Term Definition
Distribution Timing The time during pregnancy when misoprostol was given to study or program participants.
Distributing Cadre The cadre(s) of health workers responsible for giving misoprostol to women. This includes health care providers, community health workers and other community health agents, such as traditional birth attendants or community drug keepers.
Administration Method The method by which misoprostol was administered to the women at the time of use. Typically this was administration by a health worker, administration by a community provider or self-administration by the woman or a family member.
Home Birth Rate The national or catchment-area rate of home births as reported in the publication or written report, or the calculated proportion of home births in comparison study sites.
Administration Before Birth Misoprostol administration while the woman is still pregnant or prior to delivery.
Adverse Maternal Outcomes Adverse outcomes, including Maternal Death and Perceived PPH/Excessive Bleeding, that are severe and relevant to misoprostol use and that are reported as occurring in a study or program participant who delivered at home and used misoprostol.
Maternal Death Death within 24 hours of delivery reported as occurring in a study or program participant who delivered at home and used misoprostol. Both total deaths and deaths attributed to PPH or excessive bleeding are reported.
Distribution Rate The proportion of pregnant women in the catchment area who received misoprostol for the prevention of PPH.
Coverage Rate The proportion of women who delivered at home in the catchment area (actual or estimated) who used misoprostol for the prevention of PPH.
Perceived PPH/Excessive Bleeding Women’s perception of excessive postpartum bleeding or measured postpartum blood loss. A specified tool was used in some programs to measure blood loss and inform the threshold for referral.