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Table 2 Exclusion criteria

From: A multi-centre phase IIa clinical study of predictive testing for preeclampsia: improved pregnancy outcomes via early detection (IMPROvED)

Unsure of LMP and unwilling to have USS at ≤ 20 weeks
≥ 3 miscarriages
≥3 terminations
Known or suspected major fetal anomaly/abnormal karyotype
Essential hypertension treated pre-pregnancy
Moderate-severe hypertension at booking (BP >160/100 mmHg)
Renal disease
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Anti-phospholipid syndrome
Sickle cell disease
HIV positive
Major uterine anomaly
Cervical suture in situ
Knife cone biopsy
Long term steroids
Treatment with low-dose aspirin
Treatment with heparin/low molecular weight heparin