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Table 3 Adverse fetal outcomes by fetal flow (abnormal, normal) and PlGF (normal, low, very low) results (N=89)

From: Comparison of placental growth factor and fetal flow Doppler ultrasonography to identify fetal adverse outcomes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: an observational study

  Abnormal fetal flow Normal fetal flow
PlGF Very Low Low Normal Very Low Low Normal
n 17 3 0 24 23 22
Percent of N 19.1 3.4 0.0 27.0 25.8 24.7
Preterm 17 (100.0) 3 (100.0)   22 (91.7) 14 (60.9) 5 (22.7)
p-value     <0.0001
IUGR 7 (41.2) 3 (100.0)   9 (37.5) 3 (13.0) 0 (0.0)
p-value     0.0069
  1. Breakout of N=89 subjects by three placental growth factor groups (normal is PlGF≥100, low is 12<PlGF<100, and very low is PlGF≤12) and fetal flow (abnormal vs normal). The breakout by preterm delivery and IUGR shows the number and percent (relative to n) for each category. The p-values are from a two-tailed Fisher Exact test of the 2×2 contingency table (with PlGF Low and Very Low grouped together) for each outcome (preterm and IUGR) in the subset with normal fetal flow.