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Table 2 Organ-to-body ratio in the SD mouse embryo compared with the adult mouse

From: Effects of a ketogenic diet during pregnancy on embryonic growth in the mouse

  E13.5 E17.5 16 wks postnatally
Brain 24.06±0.67% vol. 6.76±0.32% vol. 1.40±0.15% wt.
Heart 1.98±0.06% vol. 0.43±0.07% vol. 0.53±0.07% wt.
Liver 7.52±0.36% vol. 6.13±0.54% vol. 4.87±0.34% wt.
  1. Percentage organ volume of the SD mouse embryo (refer to Figure 6) compared with the percentage organ weight of the adult mouse (averaged across 11 inbred strains) [20] (Mean ±Stdv).