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Table 3 Intrapartum transfer criteria

From: Comparison of midwife-led and consultant-led care of healthy women at low risk of childbirth complications in the Republic of Ireland: a randomised trial

Maternal Maternal Fetal Fetal
• Placental abruption • Shoulder dystocia • Abnormal fetal heart rate on auscultation - if prolonged deceleration ≥ 2 mins < 110 bpm is diagnosed, the woman was transferred to the CLU • Meconium stained liquor
• Pyrexia > 38°C on two occasions at least 1 hour apart • Request for epidural   • Malpresentation (with exception of mento-anterior)
• Lack of progress in the first stage of labour (absent or slower cervical dilatation than 0.5 cm/hr for primigravidae and 1 cm/hr for multigravidae • Unbooked and presenting in early labour   • Intrapartum haemorrhage
• Delay in the second stage of labour (active pushing for more than 90 mins primigravidae or 40 mins for multigravidae) • Retained placenta (> 1 hr)   • Cord presentation/prolapsed
  • PPH (> 1000 mls or if symptomatic)   • Fetal demise
  • 3rd/4th degree perineal tears   • Absence of liquor