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Table 1 Codes and categories from content analysis of birthing experiences of women affected by obstetric fistula

From: Waiting for attention and care: birthing accounts of women in rural Tanzania who developed obstetric fistula as an outcome of labour

Category Deciding where to give birth Struggling to reach a health facility Waiting at health facility Receiving unskilled care
Codes -Had no money
-Husband and mother in-laws decided to wait
-Afraid of embarrassment
-Parents told me to wait
-Birth care sought from TBAs
-Facilities too far
-No transport
-No fare for transport
-Walked for many hours
-Bad roads-rainy season
-Assisted by relatives
-Cared by TBAs
-Waited for many hours
-No doctor or medical assistant to give referral letter
-Felt alone
-Fear of death
-No ambulance
-Blocked mouth
-Exerting pressure on the abdomen
-Tightened legs
-Forced to push
-Felt severe pain
-Referred in critical condition