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Table 2 Structure of Uganda national health system

From: Individual and health facility factors and the risk for obstructed labour and its adverse outcomes in south-western Uganda

Health unit Services Location Population
Village Health Team Outreach services Village 1000
Health Centre (HC) II Outpatient, antenatal care, immunization and outreach Parish 5000
Health Centre III HC II services plus inpatient care and environmental health Sub-county 20,000
Health Centre IV HC III services plus surgery and supervision of lower health units County 100,000
General Hospital General hospital care District 500,000
Regional Referral Hospital Specialists services Region 2,000,000
National Referral Hospital Advanced Tertiary care National 27,000,000
  1. Adapted from Government of Uganda Health Strategic Plan II, 2005/06-2009/10 [19] & Rutebemberwa et al., 2009 [20]