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Table 12 Resource and Development Funding

From: Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth (7 of 7): mobilizing resources to accelerate innovative solutions (Global Action Agenda)

Overarching Goal: Improve coordination and increase global and national funding for PTB and SB within the Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Health (RMNCH) context
Output Post-Conference (by 2010) Short-Term (by 2012) Intermediate (by 2015) Long-Term (beyond 2015) Success Metrics
A. Effective international RMNCH leadership to influence global health initiatives 1. Develop strategies to elevate PTB and SB on the global RMNCH agenda Engage UN agencies and donors
2. H8 and other representatives
3. H8 meeting to include additional agenda item: consider most effective leadership and funding strategies to advance RMNCH agenda Engage governments
- G8 meeting in July in Italy: support strong leadership and funding to advance the RMNCH agenda
- Help promote issue with Obama administration in preparation for G8 and G20
- Engage Obama administration regarding their evolving Global Health Initiative
- G20 - support strong leadership and funding to advance the RMNCH agenda
4. High-level agreement that RMNCH agenda needs to be strengthened (by 2010)
5. RMNCH global task force established that includes PTB and SB (by 2010)
6. Successfully building toward $ 10B annual fund for RMNCH interventions – ties to MDG #4-5 (by 2010)
7. Development of national plans and allocation of domestic and non- domestic resources to execute against plans
   • RMNCH included in approval proposals to the Global Fund and other funding mechanisms
B. Catalyze, facilitate, leverage and provide targeted support to engage national governments to test and/ or scale up effective interventions 1. Assure that funding is available to assess current situation in 10 countries
2. Foster harmonization and alignment among development partners
3. Align national strategies with evidence-based approaches (by 2011)
4. Identify appropriate and effective intervention packages that can be scaled up in selected high-mortality countries (by 2011)
5. Engage with 10 high-mortality countries to implement MNCH strategies (by 2011)
6. Increase national capacity for spending domestic resources as well as accessing international resources through mechanisms such as debt relief (by 2011)
7. Influence country by providing funding to national civil society to hold countries accountable (by 2011)
8. Accelerate and improve implementation of interventions throughout health system
9. Harness the in-country private sector to contribute to increase coverage of key interventions
10. Support capacity building for measurement and evaluation
11. Increased integration and eguitable coverage of key, effective interventions into country within 5 years
  • Increased integration and eguitable coverage of key, effective interventions into country within 5 years
• Increased funding and resources from national governments
• Assessment and evaluation data documenting reduced mortality
C. Accelerate progress in the Discovery, Development, Delivery (3D) cycle 1. Encourage funders to establish integrated 3D teams
2. Publish a model for integrated 3D process
3. Support a milestone related process for funding to bring promising discoveries to scale
4. Strengthen funding mechanisms to support 3D research in LMICs (by 2010)    • Survey funding organizations and determine which have established integrated 3D teams
Publish a model for integrated 3D process Increased funding for 3D research in LMICs that are developing capacity
  1. *Milestones are to be reached by no later than December of the year indicated.