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Table 1 Description of current antenatal practice and clarification of terms

From: Health literacy and related behaviour among pregnant women with obesity: a qualitative interpretive description study

Term Description and clarification
Antenatal care and services Pregnant women in Central Denmark Region are enrolled in a basic antenatal course, including five visits to The Antenatal Midwifery Clinic (week 18, 28, 35, 38 and 40). Women expecting their first child are invited to participate in a birth and family preparation course.
Emento A digital platform developed by Emento® for information and communication between health professionals and the pregnant women attending antenatal care in The Antenatal Midwifery Clinic. Pregnant women have access to the platform through an app. Approximately 85% of pregnant women use the Emento app during pregnancy.
Health Professionals Health professionals whom pregnant women interact with during pregnancy and birth, including general practitioners, midwives, obstetricians, nurses, and health nurses.
Booking systems General practitioners refer the pregnant women to The Antenatal Midwifery Clinic, which sends out invitations for ultrasound scans and midwifery appointments. All pregnant women receive notification of the time and location of their antenatal appointments. Women can see or change booked appointments on a webpage.
  1. aInformation available on the webpage of Aarhus University Hospital www.auh.dk2021 [Available from:]