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Table 2 Single greatest source of stress related to the COVID-19 outbreak

From: Experiences, concerns, and needs of pregnant and postpartum women during the Covid-19 pandemic in Cyprus: a cross-sectional study

  All participants Pregnant women Postpartum women  
% % % p value
Impact on child 23.5 23 24 0.764a
Health concerns 20.2 17.5 22.9 0.106a
Financial concerns 17.8 19 16.7 0.484a
Impact on family members (e.g. elderly parents) 14.5 17.1 12 0.106a
General well-being due to social distancing and/or quarantine 9.9 10.4 9.5 0.689a
  1. a Based on the adjusted Residuals and a two tail hypothesis